Thursday, April 4, 2013

BEDA #4 Puppy Girls

Today, my Dad took our two, 14 year old dogs to put them down. Honestly, we are very lucky to have had them this long. They are Shepard-Lab mixes and they usually don't live very long. And these too dogs were especially lucky to be alive this long.

 Lucky was the extra dog we got, so that's why she has her name. He named became really ironic because this dog was lucky to be alive. She has hit a car, broken her leg, and other miscellaneous accidents. Bless her heart.

Our other is Brooke, who was named after Brooke Shields because she had more brown on he face like having voluptuous eyebrows.

I knew that this was coming. Lucky has had a tumor growing for probably a month or two and Brooke's joints have really deteriorated to the point where she could hardly get around. It was their time. Dad is on Spring Break so he took them on some walks, feed them a can of food each, and a whole box of Milkbone bones. They did not eat all the bones as that was quite a large box, but he wanted to make sure they would not be hungry. 

It's been rough and even though we knew this day was approaching, you're never ready for the impact. I write this through tears but I fight to finish because they deserve this. They lived a good 14 and a half years and I regret we didn't make it better. I will miss hearing barking in the back yard and seeing them through the kitchen window in the mornings. I will always expect them to come out of their houses to greet me when I walk out the back door. 
They will be missed.

Brooke is on the left and Lucky is on the right


Until next time,

*all photos are mine*

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